Pivot Arm Awnings


Fashionline Pivot Arm Awnings are ideal for shading a huge variety of windows. Pivot Arm Awnings shade the window yet allow the air to flow around it which makes them ideal for those hard to reach windows operated via an internal cord lock, winch or motor.

Within the Pivot Arm awning range we can offer several different types of awning to suit your requirements and budget.

A classic heavy-duty awning for exposed conditions.

  • Aluminium extruded arms with spring loaded support
  • External crank operation, internal winder or motorised control.

Fashionline is the brand of an Australian-wide association of blind makers who provide window furnishing solutions with the latest designs, colours and technology at affordable prices. Your local Fashionline dealer brings to your home unique window furnishing concepts created by the combined resources of the largest independent blind manufacturing co-operative in Australia.

Be part of the largest independent Blind manufacturer group in Australia, buying group, networking and marketing
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