Fixed Awnings


Fashionlines’ wide range of Fixed Awnings and canopies are perfect for patios or commercial spaces where protection from rain and sun is essential.

Fixed awnings are not retractable and have a fixed rigid frame.  They are more robust than retractable awnings as they are designed to cope with the harshest conditions.

Benefits of Awnings:

  • Awnings keep temperatures cooler inside and help reduce your electricity bills by up to 25% if you run air conditioning.
  • An awning can provide shade without shutting out the view.
  • Awnings protect floor coverings and furniture from fading in sunlight.
  • Awnings are environmentally friendly way to cool your home.
  • An awning can give excellent privacy when required.
  • An awning can add value to your property.
  • Awnings can turn terraces and balconies into airy attractive, extra rooms.
  • Awnings provide a sheltered place for children and pets to play, sheilded from direct sun.
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